A poker game where players put in a certain amount of money into the pot, and all cards are flipped up (usually Omaha is the game that is played, but can be Texas Hold'Em or Nebraska)

After players hole cards are dealt (face UP) the flop is then exposed, then the screaming and excitement starts as you yell for the cards you need to make your hand the strongest to win the pot, a turn is then exposed, with more yelling and screaming and as the river card hits, the player that made the strongest hand jumps for joy because he has hit 10:1(or however many players that were in) on his money!

There is no preflop betting, nor postflop... you put your money in the middle and watch as your cards hit or not...

Player with best hand takes the pot...
Man, I lost $400.00 dollars Shabanging Last Night

$20.00 Shabang, whose in??

Shabang got a nigga rich!!!

That fucker just won 4 Shabangs in a row!!
by DJ Espee June 04, 2010
To shove a long piece down there, screwing over your opponent in multiplayer calculator tetris.
Oh crap, I just got massively shabanged!
by shabanger1 January 14, 2006
A "get together" of some sort; usually involving specific girls and guys paired up with each other; sneaking guys or girls into one's house
"Monie and I are planning a shabang with Mike and Jake tonight."
by Krystine March 01, 2005
A type of bong with a rush hole and another hole to put the spliff in
e.g:Let me have a toke on that shabang innit clart!
by Lou August 17, 2004
1) Event that is not meant 2 happen.

2) Object that is being looked for.
1)Dang dis sux.

2)Where's the f*ckin shabang?
by Big Rich Mullis May 26, 2003
A term used when trying to get a blowjob from an unlikely giver;
a shabang consists of one up and down movement of a blowjob.

this technique is used to lure a female into sucking a little bit to be nice, and letting her get carried away (hopefully), leading to eventual ejaculation.
After 30 minutes of talking to Sally last night, I finally coerced her to give me two shabangs, and I ended up getting the whole job done.
by DaneMAN January 23, 2009
Something that is Huge - gets down and party's hard.

"He just took it all shabang style!"


"SHABAnGinIT for tha HUGE!"
by Jamie-R March 23, 2006

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