A very random person with suprises. Usually married to someone like an Xantara.
A person all of a sudden shouted, "I like beanz!!!11".
by Sha Bam December 03, 2004
Top Definition
1. (n): An expression voicing excitment, success, and or but is not limited to pwnage.
Example 1:
"Hey Jen, after work we are all going to chipotle for margaritas and you're invited!"

Example 2:
"I managed to get my Christmas shopping done as well as my beer in less than 2 hours. Shabam!"
by Kristennkoz December 23, 2009
The true meaning of Shabam is quite hard to define because there are so many definitions and tones of speak

Think of the word “fuck” now replace it with shabam…Shabam can be said on many occasions when applying the right tone. Meanings may vary from any of the examples
- Shabam: too have sex, example:

Richard: I shabamed my g/f last night (normal tone)
Elmas: oh rly

- Shabam: to be excited, example

Richard: and I was like SHABAM (shouting shabam)
Dan: bludfire!

- Shabam: a lazy response, example

Elmas: so what shall we to tonight
Richard: lets all go shabam (mellow voice)

- Shabam: to “fuck” someone up

Mike: I think we better go shabam that drunken fellow (firm voice)
Elmas: I dun no…
by Elmas October 01, 2005
to state that something is amazing.
josh: guess what
lee: what
josh: SHABAMM!!
lee: what the fuck?
josh: that just happened
by HOLLAitsDJ April 15, 2008
something/some one with "Bam factor",just flat out wow. Referring to a state of awesomeness or effect something/some one causes.
Doran,the shoebox elf, was totally the Shabam when the zombie attacked and he killed it with his pinky finger.
by Inksoul January 22, 2011
What you should get when you want something a little more extreme. The only thing awesome enough for your tragic athletic absurdity is Shabam!
"Is your toothpaste boring?"
"My toothpaste is boring."
"Want something a little more extreme?"
"You need Shabam! Whitening Extreme!"
"I think you mean Shabam!"
by I_Wish_I_Knew April 04, 2007
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