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An offshoot of the onomatopoeic word "boing," the phrase "Sha-Boing BOING!" is used as a confident emphasis at the end of an assuredly correct statement. This is similar to other phrases such as "Yeah, that's RIGHT!," "That's what I'm sayin'," "You said it," or (in more spiritual settings) "Can I get an Amen?"

Emphasis is put on the second "boing" and the gusto with which that "boing" is delivered is meant to underscore the sincerity of the speaker's resolve that his/her statement is the undeniable truth.

This phrase is especially useful after successfully completing an act which others have claimed impossible.
Speaker 1: "There's no way you can dunk from that far away."
Speaker 2: "I can & I will."
(Speaker 2 successfully dunks.)
Speaker 2: "Sha boing BOING!"
by Copernicus Johnson January 31, 2007
Saying "Sha boing boing" to ones self as the penis rises. Generally after seeing:

1) A beautiful woman, with a nice body & face
2) The act of sex (porn, fucking)
3) A sexy picture
Fox News: BREAKING NEWS! Rihana sex tape JUST released!!

Boy: Google 'Rihanna fucking'... Minutes later, "Sha Boing Boing"!!!!............... Fap Fap Fap

(Btw, Rihanna is talentless, i just used her because she a whore.. :)
by Ih8yourmother, shes fcuks dogs September 03, 2009
Hey look at that guy/girl, They have a nice ass!
Girls total shaboing boing over there!
by Megan March 23, 2004
When a hottie makes your chubby rise.
(which means you ma's are rippin' us off!..again!)
"Damn homie, check the rack on that ma!"
by razzell2 January 20, 2005
When you and ya boi agree on somethin. Usually a female.
Joel: "Shorty is fyne!"
V:"Look at dat ass!"
by V-kno Jenkins May 20, 2004
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