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someone who shits and farts loudly in a public place. It usually happens after a large meal with a lot of refried beans- see taco bell.
Omg. did you just hear Krupa shart? whew!
by fartingmachine September 15, 2010
2 7
The wet bubbly farts that occur while in the shower, enhanced by the steam.
I can help but want to smell my sharts while taking a shower and being in an enclosed space makes it a given.
by royberry February 08, 2011
3 13
A strong, intelligent, and independent woman. A respected woman. The opposite of a cunt.
I have a lot of respect for Gloria, she's a real shart.
by Lizzy1988 May 30, 2011
4 16
1) To defecate on oneself
2) An epic misspelling of "sharp"
I sharted on myself when I realized the test was today.
by Kink E. Sizemore April 25, 2011
1 18
The act of unknowingly making a fart like noise with your shoes leading to an awkward situation.
Joe: damn bill, did you just fart?
Bill: nahh, i just had a shart
by justinsciuto July 28, 2011
0 18