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Also spelled "sfaccim", it literally means "semen" or "jism", (Southern Italian dialectal word) but is also used as an insult, more or less equivalent to "bastard", or "son-of-a bitch", or even "dick-head".
"That Mike is a no-good sfaccim!"
by Jon Blake November 07, 2003

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carabiniere crook mafia theif wiseguy
jizz (italian dialect)
Gina was smoking my pole so well, I shot a load of sfacim in about 20 seconds flat!
by italian_boi May 05, 2003
A man from Naples, Italy who is very smart... but in a bad way. A wiseguy. A member of the Mafia.
Eh, Sfacim !! Putta backa da tingza you steal. Omma gonna calla da Carabinieri.
by Ronmort August 12, 2010