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Slang for "See you later." Commonly used as short hand in instant mesage or email conversations.
I'll talk to you later.

#see you later #see you #see ya #good bye #bye
by Tekno000 June 23, 2006
An extreme abbreviation of "see ya" into one syllable. Always spoken LOUDLY.

1: An expression used when peacing out.

2: An interjection used to inform someone that they have been thoroughly pwned, usually in the physical sense.
1: "You going to get some pizza?"
"Yeah, I'll be back in a bit. SEYA!"

2: (Player 1 one-hit KOs Player 2)
Player 1 to Player 2: "SEYA!"
#pwn #cya #seeya #pwnage #see ya
by mpcsm August 23, 2010
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