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A compliment to someone who looks unbelievably sexy, hot, beautiful, hott, or gorgous. Usually used for girls and gay males.
Dizzam girl! You look sexytastic!
by Philip George October 30, 2005
10 3
adj. describing something which is at once notable both for its sexiness and for the fact that it is fantastic.
Those new boots are sexytastic!
by corvex January 06, 2010
9 3
Very sexy.

So sexy you'll wanna die.
Sexiest thing alive.
Person 1: Who's that girl over there?
Person 2: That's Abby.
Person 1: Damn! She's sexytastic!
Person 2: I know right? I'd tap that!
by Thegirlyouobviouslylove March 30, 2013
0 0
Adj. used to describe an undescribeable amount of sexiness a girl has.
Eric: Did you see April and Erica, they are sexytastic!
Guy: Yeah man, they roxors
by Eric "Jesus" April 10, 2007
3 4