Someone who is hot all over.
.sarah is a sexypants.
by James Craig July 16, 2006
Top Definition
Someone you find sexy and you would like to get into their pants.

Sometimes refering to the fact that they look good in their pants.
Come over here sexy pants and give me some.
by Fred|erika May 06, 2008
A chick with a fine body with great fitting pants that show off that ass
Danielle was wearing Sexy pants and sent me to boner town
by Pribble03 September 24, 2014
Something that is totally awesome.
Dude1: Dude2, i just finished my assignment!
Dude2: Woah! Thats sexypants!
by SpeedMetalSandwich August 24, 2007
Someone who has incredibly hot and sexy pants
William Beckett is a sexypants.
by Laire October 31, 2007
1)A person of superior sexual skill and poise.
1) Linnea is such a sexypants she puts Paris Hilton and her sex tape to shame.
by Linnea09 August 15, 2005
A woman wearing pants that look very sexy on them. Their ass looks nice when they wear those pants.

Can be used as a pickup line. or to flirt with someone.
"Hey there Sexypants."
by Ian Wing Hines February 14, 2008

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