Noun -more sexy then sexier;;also known as yummy
Dayum. She's sexylicious!
by girli_88 January 11, 2010
Top Definition
having sex appeal; one that is good looking

cool; awesome
That guy is sooo sexylicious!

Your new skirt is so sexylicious. I want one!
by anony June 24, 2004
the act of having a girlfriend so sexy you want to eat her
My girlfriend is sexylicious
by Britt H August 23, 2011
to be extremely sexy and irresistable. one who is sexylicious is really really hot and everyone wants to do them :]
amy: damn...look thyan ! phillip is soo goddamn sexylicious!!!
thyan: omgahhh *droooool*

huan: damn..that lamp is sexyliciouss
amy: what the hell?! you queer, dont go dry humping it now

*any similarity between these names and an actual person you know is completely coincidental :D
by fishygosplash January 01, 2009
sexy and delicious also known as Axel Loughrey
Axel oozes an appeal that is sexylicious
by angelicbuddhabelly June 27, 2012
a combonation of sexy and delicious. used to decribe a sexy and "delicious" person
Christopher is fucking sexylicious.
by cd<3at-at<3cd April 01, 2009
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