A group of six close buddies illegally gardening marijuana for self enjoyment, and not to share with others.

This is because six people is the perfect number when smoking weed as any more will result in overcrowding of the tiny smoking shack and any less will result in the group becoming bored.
Jack: Lets go to the beach!
Bill: Fuck that let's get high with the sexy six

John: Let's invite Manuel to smoke with us!
Alex: No way my shack is too small and shitty to accommodate more people
by Smokealeaf69 February 08, 2011
Top Definition
A group of six (sexy) teenage girls (or boys, but mostly girls) infested with life-threatening diseases, like AIDS. They tend to stick together at all costs. Example; Parties, tanning salons, free health clinics, etc.
"Sexy six? More like sexless six"

by TJ Dettweiler August 11, 2008
a group of six amazing girls that are gorgeous, funny, nice, and love to have fun. they are loved by (well, mostly) everyone and are sure to bring the party with them wherever they go! they each have unique personalities and are special in their own ways. they especially love to take long visits to swanky hotel apartments, have all nighters, eat good food, or just hang out with the guys :)
hey look at those girls over there

oooooo dayummm

by yeaaabuddy<3 July 09, 2011
is a group of girls that are wild, crazy, beautiful, and smart. They are very secretive and do outrageously crazy things most girls would never dream of doing. Each girl has their own special personality that makes the group who they are. this group of girls arent the typical, they are always ready to party and have fun but are also very brilliant. the sexy six girls will always be friends no matter how far apart life may take them. sexy six will live on forever! THE VAULT!
SEXY SIX, friends forever
by JENNI MOR January 27, 2011
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