Emily the elephnt pimp and liv the elephant hoe, so a pimp and his/her hoe.
who is that sexy beast?
its either emily or liv??
by Lyle the lizard November 18, 2012
really awesome people that are really hot :)

edward from jedward and the hurler from kilkenny tommy walsh are both the definition of sexy they are sexy beasts
example one
friend 1:omg look theres tommy walsh
friend 2:hes some sexy beast id so tap that
friend 1:me too

example 2
friend 1:omg theres jedward
friend 2:edward is some sexy beast
friend 1:ooh yes id so tap that but not john

friend 2:agreed
by XxKayleigh August 03, 2010
Any type of male percusionist!
Paula: I know, right...
Wendy: He's a Sexy Beast
by Wendy Ubdab April 29, 2010
A man who's internet exploits make him sexy and hotter than hell. While he is mean and nasty and his language can be filthy the whole package is somehow bizarrely, beastly sexy. Enough to drive a woman wild with desire.
Playa, that dude is a sexy beast.
by Guinivere Smith January 05, 2008
The synonym of Gerard Way.
Girl 1: "OMG! Have you heard? Gerard is now a dad!"
Girl 2: "I don't care, he is still a sexy beast!"
by iLOVEmcr1016 October 06, 2009
Stupid whore, Electronic crazed, X-rayed cunt, Yak,
Butthole (big), Esoteric, Assistance (when it comes 2 pooping), Snappy bitch, Tanto (30 year old beaner).

Clearly all characteristics of Nels
"Nels ur a SEXY. BEAST."
"ya i know"
Geeze lousie i think u ripped my mole off.

by Chazz Himself. July 02, 2007
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