describes something that generates much interest, excitement, anticipation, or is just very cool and exciting.
A Phillies-Rays World Series would not be nearly as sexy as Yankees-Dodgers series.
by Woody Thomas January 03, 2010
kate moore. that's all there is to say.
damnnnn grrrrrl kate moore is sexy.
by caroline! December 31, 2006
pizza is so fucking sexy
by That_One_Weird_Person May 13, 2015
Sexy is Sexy, man..
by telephone.mountain March 11, 2015
Super fucking pretty, judged by moves, looks, or pretty any thing you do.
Guy: Man, that girl is straight up sexy!
Guy #2: I agree.
by iBounceB!tch February 08, 2015
Definition 1: To be overly beautiful in your own special way.

Definition 2: Someone you would like to Bang
Fred: That is one sexy lady
Me:Yes, for sure. I would do her 100%
by RocketyangRacoon January 19, 2015
A word used to describe someone whom you wish to bone, usually not one to describe someone you want to get to know better.
Guy 1: damn that girl is sexy

Guy 2: aw yeah man I have no interest in her other than of her body

(And I'm a guy so don't hate on me and accuse me of sexism this is my subjective definition of the word)
by The truther of truthiness October 31, 2014

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