So good looking that the words "beautiful" or "handsome" just don't give justice to how incredible attractive something may be.
An amazing feeling that words alone can't describe the passion you have for something, and the closest word to describing that passion without making it sound dull.
Person 1: Do you see that blonde, almost naked chick over there?
Person 2: Yea! She is so sexy!

Person 1: I heard you and your boyfriend made out yesterday in the hot tub.
Person 2: We did! It was steamy and sexy!
by blondegirl544 December 29, 2011
To be attractive.
๖тяιdєηтG|CaptainJack is so sexy and BuGz can't deny it, Nubpredator is jealous.
by Hessian1235 December 05, 2011
describes something that generates much interest, excitement, anticipation, or is just very cool and exciting.
A Phillies-Rays World Series would not be nearly as sexy as Yankees-Dodgers series.
by Woody Thomas January 03, 2010
When you look so amazingly hot you make others' hearts burst with love.
Rene is the friggn sexiest person ever. He is so sexy it's perfection.
by ReneIsPerfect February 05, 2014
Adjective , to be worthy of sex. Sexy may have came from the words sex and worthy.
Gorgeous indian babe reshma is a rare gem, a sexy, busty indian babe that is as hot and sexy, busty indian babe that is as hot and sexy as can be.
by Robotnexus March 04, 2013
When attractiveness or the ability to be perfect rains down on a particular individual because their sexy magnets are inifinity times stronger than everyone else.
Beck and Sarah walked into the room and everybody died because they were either struck with jealousy or lust for the two sexy girls.
by sexypotato12 January 17, 2013
Someone or something that has sexual attraction towards another
DDAAAYYYUUMMM booii ur girlfriends ass is freaking sexy!

OMG! Adrien's abs are so sexy! I could just lick them all over RIGHT NOW!

He was staring at Thalia. Her gorgeous silken blonde hair. her D cup boobs. her sassy walk that just made her so sexy. If he could, he would have stolen her away, gotten her clothes off and eating her out HARD
by I'm Sexy Thalia <3 March 12, 2012

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