A hot ass chick who does it with you
thats a sexy person
by yumyum donuts January 20, 2011
Someone who is extremely attractive. , or used as a way to describe something cool and fun
Tina Somic is a sexy beast
by knkykitty123 January 25, 2010
sexy means hot! it mean a girl can rock what she got nd look good wit it!
Damn that girl sexy!
by aupree December 30, 2007
Another word used for lingerie. Usually used when referring to lingerie worn by third floor whores.
Tonight I will wear crotch less sexies so Ben can hump me from behind while I'm on my knees.
by Third Floor Whores April 05, 2007
Some one really hott or has some relly nice body parts like a butt or boobs.
{like this girl I know named clara and her CSI buddy}
by Zach Schreiber June 10, 2005
Adjective , to be worthy of sex. Sexy may have came from the words sex and worthy.
Gorgeous indian babe reshma is a rare gem, a sexy, busty indian babe that is as hot and sexy, busty indian babe that is as hot and sexy as can be.
by Robotnexus March 04, 2013
To be attractive.
๖тяιdєηтG|CaptainJack is so sexy and BuGz can't deny it, Nubpredator is jealous.
by Hessian1235 December 05, 2011

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