you do not have to be beautiful or gorgeous to be sexy
butter face can be sexy
by elgan December 18, 2008
sexy means hot! it mean a girl can rock what she got nd look good wit it!
Damn that girl sexy!
by aupree December 30, 2007
Hugh Spence

Look at hugh spence, he is sexy
Look at hugh spence, he is sexy
by Reggie June 16, 2016
a word used to much to describe a girls boobs or a guys built.
Damn, she so sexy.

No man, she just has huge boobs. Learn her personality first.
by omfgidontknowwhyimhere January 17, 2013
describes something that generates much interest, excitement, anticipation, or is just very cool and exciting.
A Phillies-Rays World Series would not be nearly as sexy as Yankees-Dodgers series.
by Woody Thomas January 03, 2010
Some one really hott or has some relly nice body parts like a butt or boobs.
{like this girl I know named clara and her CSI buddy}
by Zach Schreiber June 10, 2005
The thing that you're not.
"You are the exact opposite of sexy"
via giphy
by UncleUrcle January 29, 2016
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