A person who is very appealing in their physical features.
That damn Azariah Goodwill is so sexy. I just love to suck on his dick everytime I see him.
by TANEISHA WILLIAMS June 10, 2005
A way to describe someone you are sexually attracted to; Someone who has a nice body and/or is very seductive.
Dammmnnn,See that girl over there?She is SEXY.
by SexyGirlBitch. :) June 28, 2011
Seriously attractive, some one who oozes sex appeal
Debbie from Wednesbury is one seriously sexy girl!
by Muz87 November 19, 2014
So good looking that the words "beautiful" or "handsome" just don't give justice to how incredible attractive something may be.
An amazing feeling that words alone can't describe the passion you have for something, and the closest word to describing that passion without making it sound dull.
Person 1: Do you see that blonde, almost naked chick over there?
Person 2: Yea! She is so sexy!

Person 1: I heard you and your boyfriend made out yesterday in the hot tub.
Person 2: We did! It was steamy and sexy!
by blondegirl544 December 29, 2011
Someone who is extremely attractive. , or used as a way to describe something cool and fun
Tina Somic is a sexy beast
by knkykitty123 January 25, 2010
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