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something very beautiful or appealing,NOT THE EXAMPLE PICS!
shoelover:those are some sexy shoes
girl:those abs are so sexy
guy:man that girl is sexy,i wanna fuck her hard
geek:thats one sexy hard drive
by adidasss August 29, 2010
14 3
Adjective that describes a person who looks, moves or acts in a way that you find attractive. But not just attractive, like cool and cute at the same time.
"His hair makes him look so sexy!"
by Ginda May 14, 2005
27 16
The sudden feeling of hunger after having intense sex or any other sexual activity.
Dude, last night after my girl and I banged each others brains out, we had the sexies so we went and bought a pizza.
by Rennoc February 26, 2010
10 0
According to Bono sexy is when it feels good to be in your own skin. Your own body feels right,it feels comfortable. Sexy is when you love being yourself. When your sexy state, your are most free to connect with others.
I'm feelin' sexy today!
by LaCreamOsa February 13, 2010
25 15
Someone who is lucious like a ripe apple ready to be bitten into. Typically have a very nice booty, but are usually sluts.
99% of the pics of sexy here are not sexy.
by flipynif June 14, 2005
23 13
A person who is very appealing in their physical features.
That damn Azariah Goodwill is so sexy. I just love to suck on his dick everytime I see him.
by TANEISHA WILLIAMS June 10, 2005
18 8
The act of being attractive in a sexual manor.
Chuck Norris is Fukkin Sexy.
by PossumCuber November 16, 2010
14 5