Jessica Farkas the sexiest person in the world. Her name is synonomous with Sexy.
Did you see that sexy girl?
Yeah she was sooo Jessica Farkas!
Dude you are soo freaking right!
Amen to that!
by Who freaking knowS? September 02, 2007
basically a woman is sexually attractive; but nowadays is a common substitute for beautiful; according to me, degrades a girl and makes her seem likea an object of sex, not a beautiful or pretty girl
Hey that girl is sexy!
by iamunknown May 12, 2008
Ma Maw

Definition Of Sexyness

Apparently she's quite the wee tidy bit, but, I wouldn't know cause I must happen to be her son
Ma Maw's Sexy apparently, but, like, I canny go saying that, cause, that's just wrong, and, bad and stuff eh
by Jake The Peg May 06, 2008
sexton, a nautical device
"hand the sexy here."
by noixz January 14, 2009
A golf score of six over par on a single hole. (i.e., sextuple bogey)

First appeared on a 2007 PGA Championship blog run by's Jason Sobel.
On the green in regulation plus eight putts... that's a sexy.
by vesa007 August 15, 2007
Sexy defines something that is truly stunning, quite HOT in fact. But lately, this word has been used out of context and on things which are rather.. not very "sexy".
An example of something "sexy" would be.. Farooq Ghazi's sexy HID lights, if that is not sexy, then i do not know what is. P.S all hail his lights and their mighty spartan glory.
by Farooq Ghazi June 23, 2007
Another word for "cool"
Person 1: Hey I'm getting a new puppy next week!
Person 2: Sexy
Person 3: Holly Crap! I can't believe I'm gonna meet <insert famous person here>!
Person 2: OMG! I've always wanted to meet <insert previously stated famous person>! Thats ultra Sexy!
by SandwichArtist December 03, 2008

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