The incredibly hot and damp condition of a man or woman's ass crack after prolonged intercourse.
That was so hot baby! Let me spoon you.

Not now dear, my ass is all sexy.
by Genther January 05, 2010
Sex worthy:
worthy and hot enough to be sexed,
hot enough to be chased and touched
chad: how hot is that girl?
jermain: damn right she is damn SEXY
chad: go fuck her man!
jermian: she definetly deserves it shes sexy! il try my hardest
by talia racha April 21, 2008
something hot and yummy.referded as having sex with a sexy person.
"you are so sexy i could just eat you up.LETS DO IT"!
by girl456 July 01, 2009
1.used to describe someone who you think is amazingly attractive, and you want in the pants.

2.eye candy that you cant take your eyes off of.

3.A person who walks down the street and followed behind is a bunch of bow chika bow booow
Justin is so flipping sexy,if he glanced at me, i would basicly have an orgazim
by CaityNicole June 20, 2007
The simplified form of Niranjani and Anjali
Ohh, those girls are not simply sexy, they're Niranjani and Anjali
by Anjakapooie May 28, 2008
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