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used to describe someone who you think is amazingly attractive, and that you'ed like to be with, or what you want to use to exspress your feelings toward that inperticular person of whom you are attracted to.
+I'm Sure Every1 has their own opinion on the matter/subject/topic !!!
and it's good that we all have ower own opinion or SEXY wouldn't mean as much to us and we couldn't use it to express so much affection and love for who we either are just attracted to or have loving/affectionat feelings toward.
by (Danielle) Sapphire_Blue January 26, 2007
1. The generic meaning, sexually appealing
2. Used sarcastically to describe something ugly, annoying, lame, extra, basically 'unsexy'. Usually used to diss something/someone.
1. ''Shit, Omar is so gorgeous, his lips are so sexy''

2. ''Did you see them sexy shoes in Aldo?? I wouldnt get them if they were free''
''Stop fronting with that sexy attitude of yours''
by reemreemreem August 26, 2006
Annah Frost, Emily Royle, Ffion Kelly.
Nuff Said.
"Wow, Annah, Emily, Ffion. You're So Sexy"
"We Know"
by WOOOOOOPAA October 22, 2007
something hot, but not just people things too. Something nice or cool.
Them tims is sexy.

Eyo, that t.v. is sexy.
by Ellyse December 03, 2006
Nick Jonas.
That is very sexy.
Nick Jonas is very sexy
by Katelyn G August 31, 2008
Bill Kaulitz is the pure definition of sexy.
Isn't Bill Kaulitz sooooo sexy?

Yeah! hes the sexiest guy alive!
by mrsbillkaulitz September 17, 2008
cool and all its counterparts is played out. Sexy is a far better choice.
That ride is sexy. ect ect
by jay March 14, 2005