1. girls who are fuckable
Oh shit she is so sexy, I'd go fuck her right now
by po1234567890 September 10, 2008
Inflected Form(s):
sex·i·er; sex·i·est

1 : sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic 2 : generally attractive or interesting : appealing <a sexy stock>
— sex·i·ly Listen to the pronunciation of sexily \-s&#601;-l&#275;\ adverb
— sex·i·ness Listen to the pronunciation of sexiness \-s&#275;-n&#601;s\ noun
Sexy examples; Andy, Jerbear, Ben sikee, Jenny and others.
by Dina Babyy March 25, 2008
A person who arouses sexual interest when you look at them.
Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Anna Kournikova, Lita from WWE and Patrica Heaton are examples of sexy.
by RyanTheGod September 07, 2007
something a guy says because he noes dat if he says GET IN MY PANTS he will never get a girl.
(out loud)DAYUM mahh, yu lookin' mad sexy! (in his head)DAYUM!! i want her to B.J. me!!
by it's true! July 10, 2008
A very beautiful person.
Cathleen is extremely sexy!!
by Cathleens lover :) October 10, 2006
someone who makes you want to get intimate with them
"OhMyGodddddd" **hot girl walks by** "I have a MAJOR boner!!!!!! She is SEXY!"
by FoxyLady456633 November 03, 2009
pj mcveigh. also means sexiest person alive and no one can ever ever ever be sexier than them.
holy shit that kid is sexy
by ebonnny June 21, 2009
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