Madeline Robinson and Maximilion Mclaughlin
Dayum max and maddy look sexy in that straight faced pic
by MillieMunchkin December 23, 2012
a teenage guy who lives in Peru. Has a thick hairy unibrow, and braces.
Me: Ohhh, thats sexy guy. Damn, look at that unibrow!
Friend: I know... *sigh*
Me: But hes MY future husband, so hands off.
Friend: aw, okay :( you're sooooo lucky!
Me: yes, yes i am
by longlivesexyunibrowguy December 30, 2011
a word used as adjective to describe any individual (or sometimes object) with whom (or which) you would blatantly like to fornicate.
hustler: "look at that hoe, she's straight sexy."
friend: "helll yeah, you know you wanna hit that."
by supah-special-K August 10, 2011
Snorg tees models.
If the result is not sexy hit refresh.

Here ------->

Or Here

by ButItIsMyName January 03, 2011
A term usually used to describe a female who the person would like to fornicate with.

Invented by George
Damn that girl is sexy!
by falafel guy! November 29, 2010
of course, it's always gunna be Lauren J. :)
"dude, who is that sexy girl?"

"Oh, that's Lauren, she is awesome."

DAMN!! She is like, the sexiest person iv'e ever seen!"
by PruneyLumps October 02, 2010
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