feeling sexy means feeling horny
hey guy im feeling sexy. wanna have some fun?
by Dj NPac June 14, 2005
A Zeta,plain and simple
'she is such a Zeta......real sexy'
by Atez November 21, 2006
Snorg tees models.
If the result is not sexy hit refresh.

Here ------->

Or Here

by ButItIsMyName January 03, 2011
A term usually used to describe a female who the person would like to fornicate with.

Invented by George
Damn that girl is sexy!
by falafel guy! November 29, 2010
of course, it's always gunna be Lauren J. :)
"dude, who is that sexy girl?"

"Oh, that's Lauren, she is awesome."

DAMN!! She is like, the sexiest person iv'e ever seen!"
by PruneyLumps October 02, 2010
1. girls who are fuckable
Oh shit she is so sexy, I'd go fuck her right now
by po1234567890 September 10, 2008
something a guy says because he noes dat if he says GET IN MY PANTS he will never get a girl.
(out loud)DAYUM mahh, yu lookin' mad sexy! (in his head)DAYUM!! i want her to B.J. me!!
by it's true! July 10, 2008

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