Someone appealing to the eyes and other places
My boyfriend is sexy
by MyToe March 28, 2013
Madeline Robinson and Maximilion Mclaughlin
Dayum max and maddy look sexy in that straight faced pic
by MillieMunchkin December 23, 2012
I am sexy. What of it?
by someawesomeguy February 26, 2012
a word used as adjective to describe any individual (or sometimes object) with whom (or which) you would blatantly like to fornicate.
hustler: "look at that hoe, she's straight sexy."
friend: "helll yeah, you know you wanna hit that."
by supah-special-K August 10, 2011
Definition I: adj (sex-e): used to describe beauty or super erotic hotness.

Definition II: adj (sex-ey): used to describe anyone who, in any way, in way of personality, or appearance, resembles Rosie O'Donnell.
Definition I:

Guy: That girl is so sexy.
Guy: My shorts just became a skirt man...

Definition II:

Guy: She's been all sexy the past few days, it been really annoying.
Guy: Really, you should get another sexy girl and have a party.
Guy: Dude...not cool man
by ozzyc23 July 04, 2009
An individual of particular sex-appeal to others. Can be used to describe anything that one finds attracting or specifically good-looking.
"Damn that guy is sexy!"
by BleekerMcLovin April 04, 2009
This magic little word, simply means "(the thing makes you) think of sex first".

Thus, anything could be "sexy" depends on the sex orientation of a person.

For example, if a guy says "that shit is sexy" when he's actually pointing at an excrement (because according to another definition of "sexy", by FazzyC, this guy could just be a moron), then you can easily tell that he suffers from Coprophilia.

Though, when you consider a person "sexy", s/he is not necessarily always the sex object of yours at the time.

For example, your mom.

Further more, non living things can only remind you sex.

For example, a sexy car is not fuckable, but:
a. it gets you sex
b. you can sex in it
c. unless you are a Autobot
Life sucks, even the most successful man can only get to sex with a very few of "sexy" women he meets.
by htp-rck March 09, 2009

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