To describe someone as sexually attractive and/or Boner-able
Guy1: Dude did you see Celeste today?
Guy2: No why?
Guy1: She looks so god damn sexy!
Guy2: Thats sexy !
by Ryan87654 April 07, 2008
Colleen's collarbones
"Damn have you seen how sexy Colleen is?"
"Yeah but look at her collarbones"
by ashisboss23 June 27, 2014
What your boyfriend thinks you are, until he sees the huge body zit on your boob, during your nightly sex.
"Hey, baby, you're so sexy. I love the way your boobs stick out." He pulls off your bra. "Ewww! There's a huge zit on your boob! Get out of my bed! We're through!"
by GarrettLover February 10, 2014
Deejay Crakeyz
"You are so sexy"

"like Deejay Crakeyz?"
by afuckingname December 06, 2013
Something that is extremely pleasurable to the human eye.
A sexy full FMF exhaust system, or a sexy Honda 2014 crf250.
by swaga mumma October 13, 2013
Someone appealing to the eyes and other places
My boyfriend is sexy
by MyToe March 28, 2013
Madeline Robinson and Maximilion Mclaughlin
Dayum max and maddy look sexy in that straight faced pic
by MillieMunchkin December 23, 2012

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