Describes a person that you really really really want to "tap".
-That girl is so "sexy".
-I am so sexy.
-The French maid is very sexy.
by John Mohogeny April 09, 2007
something justin timberlake apparently brought back.
omg he def. brought sexy backk!
by jenngab January 15, 2007
kate moore. that's all there is to say.
damnnnn grrrrrl kate moore is sexy.
by caroline! December 31, 2006
Sexy is all in the penis, ass, face, smile, personality, chest. Well sexy just has one meaning Ricky loukinas the sexiest guy alive.
That guy is sexy he must be Ricky Loukinas
by Loukin March 07, 2016
sexy is a person fat or skinny that has a great personality you don't have to be beautiful you just have to have a good attitude now that is sexy!
That person has a great personality she must be sexy!
by Naomi_is_SEXY January 17, 2016
Being very good looking, or hot like josmar
Josmar is soo sexy!
by joe328 November 27, 2014
They are both very sexy and have massive mangos
Jess and Michael are sexy
by Ghffdtgjgl fby July 25, 2014
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