Someone or something that has sexual attraction towards another
DDAAAYYYUUMMM booii ur girlfriends ass is freaking sexy!

OMG! Adrien's abs are so sexy! I could just lick them all over RIGHT NOW!

He was staring at Thalia. Her gorgeous silken blonde hair. her D cup boobs. her sassy walk that just made her so sexy. If he could, he would have stolen her away, gotten her clothes off and eating her out HARD
by I'm Sexy Thalia <3 March 12, 2012
So good looking that the words "beautiful" or "handsome" just don't give justice to how incredible attractive something may be.
An amazing feeling that words alone can't describe the passion you have for something, and the closest word to describing that passion without making it sound dull.
Person 1: Do you see that blonde, almost naked chick over there?
Person 2: Yea! She is so sexy!

Person 1: I heard you and your boyfriend made out yesterday in the hot tub.
Person 2: We did! It was steamy and sexy!
by blondegirl544 December 29, 2011
Basically saying I look good enough for a male/ female to have sex with me
I'm i sexy enough

Wow I'm (Sexy)
by Sunny1990 October 25, 2011
someone who looks hot; Vee Heart
Vee Hearts is very sexy
by SAkura Yumi May 28, 2011
a hott girl
Kelsey Maxwell is sexy
by Michael Man April 04, 2009
Sexy is defined as Proportional. Every body part is proportional to the rest of the other body parts.
eg. Eyes are the right length part. (not too close and not too far apart). If your nose is big, it pays to have big eyes and big lips then its still proportional but if your eyes are big and you have a tiny nose and tiny lips, its not proportional.

If you wondering whether your sexy or not, are your body parts and facial parts proportional to the rest. If yes you are sexy.
by Urban Dictionary December 21, 2008
They are both very sexy and have massive mangos
Jess and Michael are sexy
by Ghffdtgjgl fby July 25, 2014

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