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something hot and yummy.referded as having sex with a sexy person.
"you are so sexy i could just eat you up.LETS DO IT"!
by girl456 July 01, 2009
Someone who YOU find attractive. Someone who in your opinion is appealing. This person may not seem "Sexy" to others, but to you they are the definition OF sexy.

People saying that the girls in the example pictures aren't sexy, are not getting what sexy means. To you they may not be sexy, but, to someone they could be the most beautiful, sexy, hott thing EVER.
Boy 1- That girl isn't that hott dude. Look at the rolls..

Boy 2- So what man??? I mean look up top she got a nice rack and face... She seems sexy to me.
by Azul_Subio December 01, 2009
What idiots think porn magazines are.
They are NOT sexy! You can pay a girl less for more.
by blank f***er November 23, 2009
An Urban Dictionary definition for clueless girls and women to post pictures of themselves in order to inflate their egos. See attention whore, webcam chick.
Look at the top of this page for an example.

John: Did you see the images under the UD word "sexy?" What a bunch of idiots.
Jill: Hey, that's me up there :( Please be kind.
by Madvillainous June 04, 2005
The word used to describe a person who is highly classy, extremely educated and physically fit.

See Britney Spears.

My girlfriend is so sexy I wanna wear her as my boxer.

by Jackson Doggie July 10, 2008
Adjective that describes a person who looks, moves or acts in a way that you find attractive. But not just attractive, like cool and cute at the same time.
"His hair makes him look so sexy!"
by Ginda May 14, 2005
attractive, hot, pleasurable, eye candy
those senior powderpuff cheerleaders are soooooo sexy!!!!!!!
by IKnowWhatSexyIs September 07, 2010
A word to describe someone who is sexually attractive and gets another aroused. Though often used interchangably with beautiful and cute, sexy is not synonymous with beautiful or cute at all. Hence it is often used at the wrong time and wrong place and directed at the wrong people.
"Oh man she's so fucking sexy I want to bang her!"
by bitBM March 02, 2010