1. An intangible attribute. You need not be model thin nor movie star gorgeous to be sexy. Sexy is the whole package, including that "certain something" that you can't quite put your finger on. Sexy may include the persons attitude, voice, attire and body language.

2. An unfortunate use of the word that certain rap thugs like to use to describe their "aura" and the vibe of their parties.
1. Ellen might be packing on a few extra pounds, but she is way sexy. Just the way she walks and carries herself is enough to make me bust a nut!

2. Do not disturb the SEXY! (P.Diddy)
the definition of myself, me, i, not you.
damn you are so sexy.
i know
by Sir Coolbeans December 15, 2015
What girls aren't these days
Guy 1 Shes hella Sexy
guy 2 no she aint she hella ugly
by GET REKT BITCHES December 04, 2015
Super fucking pretty, judged by moves, looks, or pretty any thing you do.
Guy: Man, that girl is straight up sexy!
Guy #2: I agree.
by iBounceB!tch February 08, 2015
Definition 1: To be overly beautiful in your own special way.

Definition 2: Someone you would like to Bang
Fred: That is one sexy lady
Me:Yes, for sure. I would do her 100%
by RocketyangRacoon January 19, 2015
A word used to describe someone whom you wish to bone, usually not one to describe someone you want to get to know better.
Guy 1: damn that girl is sexy

Guy 2: aw yeah man I have no interest in her other than of her body

(And I'm a guy so don't hate on me and accuse me of sexism this is my subjective definition of the word)
by The truther of truthiness October 31, 2014
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