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the slight layer of fat in a male's abdominal region which is thick enough to hide any semblance of a six pack yet not large enough to be considered a beer belly or gut.
Mark was neither muscular nor obese. Lilly was highly attracted to his sexy pouch.
by Daisy Welch October 17, 2008
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the slight pad of fat located on a male's abdomen which hides any semblance of a six-pack yet is not large enough to be considered a beer-belly or gut
Lily is turned off by both muscles and obesity; she opts for a middle ground and is mainly attracted to men with sexy pouches.
by Lily Shin October 15, 2008
9 6
the part of a guys body below the belly button that sticks out a little bit, but is not a beer belly or gut
Ooooh look at his sexy pouch!!!!
by M.E.M. October 27, 2008
6 4