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When a person who usually dresses and looks very plain or frumpy gets all sexy in sexy clothes, hair or makeup but doesn't impress you because you remember what the person usually looks like.
After Mertyle changed her usual look of sweats and baggy t-shits, she looked like a sexy potato at the party with that big hair, fake eyelashes and low cut dress.
by Ingrid Carlos December 13, 2008
A group of friends who are not particularly attractive, but think each other are beautiful.
Ann, Maddy, and Ai are sexy potatoes.
by Aisuuu November 11, 2012
1. A term used when describing a potato that is indeed sexy.

2. A secret code for some random thing you don't want your friends to find out about (a crush, drugs, etc.)

3. A phrase used to freak out friends while playing hangman.
That is one sexy potato.

So I was talking to sexy potato yesterday....

My friend got freaked out when I used the term "sexy potato" as a secret phrase for hangman the other day.
by xKat43x June 02, 2011
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