an awesome technique(jutsu) that Naruto Uzumaki performs where he turns into a hot girl and distracts his enemy or to get what he wants. He taught this technique to Konohamaru who was under the supervision of Ebisu the closet pervert at the time. See also Harem no Jutsu
Naruto: SEXY NO JUSTSU! *poof*
Jiraiya: *HUGE NOSEBLEED* agh *twitch twitch*
by Harem no Jutsu April 12, 2005
Top Definition
A ninjutsu created by Uzumaki Naruto. It was used on Ebisu and Jiraiya and was taught to Konohamaru.
Naruto(to Ebisu): Closet pervert!
by Magik November 26, 2004
A jutsu performed by Naruto Uzumagi in the anime series Naruto. It consists of him transofrming himself into a sexy female to distract the enemy or, in some episodes, to get what he wants. See also harem no jutsu.
The second funniest jutsu in the entire show after harem no jutsu
by Tor Haugan February 26, 2004
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