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1. someone who is beyond sexy in every way, and does something extremely sexy at that moment.

2. a person whom while "doing the nasty" manages to stay sexy.

-Marcos drops something and picks it up in a sexy way-
Lauren: way to be a sexy fuck, Marcos!


-while getting it on-
Marcos: damn baby, you're such a sexy fuck.

Ricky: Dude so how was last night?!
Marcos: Amazing bro, her hair was so messed up and she still looked hot!
Ricky: Damn, what a sexy fuck!
by heylaurenee November 03, 2009
1. Adj. When a male/female is so sexy you wanna fuck him/her.
2. When someone is "Sexy as fuck" or "Sexy as hell".
~Yo! that girl is a sexyfuck.
~Girl, did you meet my new man? He is a sexyfuck.
by Lilianna November 16, 2007
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