An irresistable man's man who seduces women with his witticisms and more notably with his extraordinarily handsome yet bestial looks. This beast-like man is the envy of all other men and the desire of all women and lives solely for hedonistic pleasure only.
That Rob Dobson is a sexy beast, I want him right now.
by 925_Hottie October 31, 2005
A sexy girl that is clumsy and attracts lots of boys and has many friends. Her beauty attracts all boys that see her!
Josie gray is a sexy beast
by Josie Gray May 11, 2014
ben harvey from K-rock radio in new york 92.3, bam margera or anyother hotter than mutherfuckin hell guy you see for other uses of the word on the oppiste sex see sexy bitch
Ben, ur such a sexybeast! have u consitered doin some modeling?
by rachel March 24, 2004
Someone who is amazingly hot who makes your heart skip a beat. Everyone druels over them.
Hannahs and Jacquelines will always be sexy beasts!
by the sexy growl October 14, 2011
a state of being referring to hostesses at carabbas specifically in lafayette, louisiana.
Guy 1: Dude check out that hostess...

Guy 2: In the black dress?

Guy 1: Yeah man, she is a sexy beast.
by ahelluvahullaballo July 16, 2012
Emily the elephnt pimp and liv the elephant hoe, so a pimp and his/her hoe.
who is that sexy beast?
its either emily or liv??
by Lyle the lizard November 18, 2012
to look fine, cute, and have big balls, mostly girls
you are such a sexybeast
by birdie b May 25, 2009

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