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A situation of a sexual nature.
Kelly and Brian's date turned into a real sexuation when they started kinoodling in public.
by T-Diddy March 01, 2004
An awkward sexual situation you are not a part of.
Melissa is such a whore, all she did last night was make out with her boyfriend in front of me. What a sexuation.
by devilwoman November 10, 2010
(Noun) 1.Problem or "situation" that can either be solved with or involves at any point the act of sexual intercoarse.
Man1: "Man, Janet is just acting so strange lately. I don't know what to do!"

Man2: "Sounds to me like you've got a sexuation on your hands."
by Zoot Suit Tango February 24, 2012
a combination of two words as in locationship= relationship + location.

Sexuation -(n.) sex or sexual + situation
rarely used in the singular as events are rarely isolated
exception is used in phrase:Once in a liftime sexuation

1. sexual situations

2. more precisely, a situation in which sexual activity is inevitable and one or more individuals present 'cant help themselves' similiar to addiction *see "slutty".
The nympho kept finding herself in bizzarre sexuations.

The late curfew, the dark night, the backseat, the kissing... The teenagers realized they had gotten themselves into a sexuation and neither would go home a virgin.
by Disrupt July 02, 2007
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