The office politics term for a part of the human courtship behaviour. An act of flirtation usually on behalf of the receptive partner, a precursor to a consenting sexual relationship.
In my career (I am an office manager) I have had to deal with twelve cases of sexual harassment and have heard of many more from my peers - this definition is based on a 100% record.
by yaoigirlproxy January 25, 2005
what a lady/child yells at you when they want your money.
Guy: hey kid, you dropped your wallet.
Kid: thanks. hey, that's a nice suit. you must have a lot of money to afford that....
Guy: uh, thanks, well, don't drop that thing again (pats kid on shoulder)-
Kid: HELP! RAPE!!!

fat feminist man hater to bystanding office guy: don't look at me like that you bastard! i'm going to file a case for sexual harassment!
guy: what?
lady: tell it to the judge you son of a bitch!
by scratchmaster101 December 07, 2009
The war whine of little girls who have spent all their lives maintaining that they can play with the boys, but later learn that they can't.
If you don't get the promotion you want, just file a sexual harassment suit!
by Etymoligizer September 21, 2007
The biggest scam perpetrated on America since Scientology.
GodlyMan:"What a nice girly dress you have."
Atheist4Life:"Don't talk to me like that or I'll sue you for sexual harassment!"
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 21, 2007
When your trying to have intercourse with a special lady friend and some guy comes up behind you and tickles your balls.
Sexual harassment is very serious
by sabrina partiess January 18, 2007
Just another woman at another job doing what expected of them.
Girl: Flirtatious smiles and other body movement; some conversation...

Guy: Is it all right if we keep talking?

Girl: Sure...yea, hehe


Guy: Can I call you sometime?

Girl: Ok

Later on... they talk for hours, things seem fine

Next day...

Guy sees girl...

Guy: Hi

Girl: Duhhhhh!...

And she shakes her head and walks past him like she doesn't know him, the ugly old losers or cheating or divorced alimony paying messed up teeth guys that have been after her for many years but no progress start instigating sexual harassment right away, the old women with marriage problems leap onto the bandwagon, the circus escapee guys join as well, the moron managers that don't like you would love to use this as a hedge against you, they offer her ridiculously easy overtime, "no work" positions, she plays on everyone's perception of what's happening....

But you're not sure what happening till until

You're screwed brother. You're surrounded by low peeps. Survive!
by ManWhoKnows April 02, 2008
When you fart into someones ear when they are asleep.
John: *farts in jack's ear* hahaha
Jack: Hey baby, I told you not to blow in my ear..
by Fuckthepainaway January 21, 2005

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