A person who constatnly has sex on their minds and thinks about different ways to either encounter a sexual act with someone or in any situation make the opposite sex do a sexual act with them. This kind of person is usually very forceful and demanding during anything sexual but can usually get away with it due to their looks or anything hot about them.
Josh is like a sexual deviant, but hes so hot, he can so pull it off !
by JoJoFoSho January 25, 2008
Top Definition
Sexual behavior that diverges from the norm.

Big White likes to cover her body in Duke's mayonnaise thus she is a sexual deviant.

by 5012 April 05, 2006
people whose vocabulary makes up approximately 95% of this site.
Since when does the title Roman Soldier have anything to do with sex? Only a sexual deviant could do that......
by Mr. Baltimore November 25, 2006
One who has sexual thoughts frequently and/or is perverted often.

A more polite term for a "whore" or "slut".
Could be interpreted as a compliment / not as an insult.
A cool person who's not quite a whore, yet is still perverted enough to earn a sex-related title.
Ciel: "And I was like, 'Dude, this barely fits!'"

Alice: "That's what she said! Giggity giggity!" *Air thrusts*

Elliot: "Oh, Alice, you're such a sexual deviant! Hahah!"
by TehSexualDeviant August 05, 2009
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