Nathan Young (Misfits)
him covering himself in sunblock - just plain sexual
by Lizzieleaf November 19, 2010
An annoying affix that spurned from that ever-annoyingest curseword Metrosexual and has given us many annoying words in the process!
Dig some (no laughs back there!):
fucks anything that has a hole in it... be it male, female, bisexuals, trisexuals! Generally can make sex to a knot or go fuck-happy humping mud!
to a lesser extent but switches gender-preferences from time to time.
hetero, homo and tanny.
dates homos, but is a also a metro.
girl that show their 'pashing' in public!
*gulp!* a blood-slurping vamp!
daring male who is well-groomed and loves tech stuff like PDAs, sexy mobile phones, but is neither gay nor straight in his physical appearnce.
bonds over gadgets, cool stuff the other sex buys or is interested in!
bonds on computer-related stuff and has attraction for same techperv-minded people. (A.k.a. Aaron Peckham, the creator of UD!, but don't tell him hammer said that, word!).
Netaholic who 'lurks' as gay, or cybercheats on his/her other best half by making e-sex 'onlone'! Also called leterosexual/ letrosxual.
twentysomething woman who shun marriage until financially secure. (See: Bag-Lady Syndrome).
waits for the Mr./Mrs./Mx. Perfect! Also called a Quirkalone/ quirkyalone.
apply certain rules for in order to get deeply committed in a relationship.
frequents seminars, art centers...for lobecandy, sophistikittens, or just intellidating casually with brainiac other-sex dates!
neat, takes home-cleaniness as a 'must' for any relationship he/she ventures on. Or, can describe this metro in ecosexual.
has nothing to do with plants, but it refers to a male who is like a farmer: tough, rough and doesn't give it
confident, highly-masculine male that isn't afraid to look a bit metro on the outside (e.g. clean shaved face, cool furniture...).
an old, fortysomethig that takes his sex-related tips/ cues and what have you, from metros. Yech!
metrosexual who frequents yoga classes and is healtheology-minded.
homosexual sectarian, or simply marries inter-religeously.
(Those last two defs aren't '-sexual'-ending word thing I know... but good fun to add here!).
the fat people's take on that dirty word! Hahaha!
post-modernist and of course, 'unlabel-able'!
The anti-Metro! Also called Messosexual.

by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
used to descrbe something that is cool!
o.m.g that fridge magnet is sexual!
by liam bell July 15, 2006
A) When something is immense, great, superb, any of the aforementioned terms and the like.
B) a term used as a gretting eg. "hey sexual" when talkign to soemone very attrative or a good girl friend.
C) talking about an experience that is relate to sex or the image of being sexy.
"Hey sexual"
"hey sup?"

"Damn, last night she was dancing n shakin her ass it was so sexual"

"Holy Shit thats sexual"
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
questioning whether an act is of sexual nature
Sexual?... umm no thats just gross
by Paraphanalia N Friends December 10, 2008
(noun) A band member who is amazingly talented and also good looking. The term does not necessarily mean something sexual even though it easily can be interpreted as such. This term only applies to those members whose personalities only heighten their musical talents and appearance. If he/she is a douche they cannot be considered a sexuals.
Person 1: Omg Rebecca the members of There For Tomorrow and You Me at Six are all good looking, musically inclined and have outstanding personalities.
Person 2: OMG I KNOW! They are two bands full of sexuals.
by BobandChar February 02, 2012
Used in every day conversation after a question which you have asked has been answered and you are substantially satisfied.
"Herro! coffee at the Reel?"

"Yeh man"

by Slave Master Bob August 27, 2008

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