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Not being able to control wut you say during sex.
Person 1: Im bout to cum! Ride me in U Crack nasty Son of a bitch!

Person 2: Keep talking.... I like that sexual tourettes!
by Dedi October 02, 2007
That guy (or girl) who can't control what they say around the opposite sex.
Girl:"Yeah, I've been trying to shed some pounds at the gym since I've been feeling fat lately." Sexual Tourettes Guy:"I don't think you're fat,I think you're SEXY! Wanna Fuck?" Girl:"FUCK YOU!" +SLAP+ S.T.Guy:"Damn sexual tourettes."
by wjhefd August 15, 2007
a.k.a. 'nymphomaniacism'. Sexual tourettes is a tragic syndrome common in men and slightly rarer in women which gives them the inability to control their sexual impulses. It is highly contagious, and can be caught from this list:
-Your parents
-Your friends (not that you have any, I mean your using the urban dictionary so...)
-Your siblings
-Everyone above the age of 6 when they have a large lump in their pants... or like... you know what I mean
"Did you see Johnny at the wedding? He must have sexual tourettes. You could have mistaken him for the priest or something"
by Jiwang June 06, 2016
The spontaneous out breaking of sexual activity. This can be anything from making out and up. Sexual is usually an off and on thing. One moment you'll be talking to the couple about something and the next they're kissing and then they're back to talking to you. This will happening multiple times during a conversation or social gathering.
"I swear patrick and katie have sexual tourettes. They keep making out at random times in public".
by OnWisconsin123 March 23, 2011
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