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hand gesture used in EXTREME situations of sexual tension.
Make a fist with one hand and place the other underneath 'grabbing' at air and wiggling your fingers :)
Shanice: hey trevaun...*silence*...*pause*...
Trevaun: hey shanice...*longer pause*...
Shanice: ...
Trevaun: .....
Shanice: .........

Billy: *sexual tension jellyfish*
by little miss pseud 'o' nym January 21, 2011
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In a situation of intense sexual tension use the sexual tension jelly fish. It is a hand motion derived from the akward turtle and TMI turkey. To do the motion, pretend like you are scratching your cat. Wave your fingers forward and back, bending at the knuckles.
I was with my ex and his new girlfriend, so i did the sexual tension jellyfish.
by karaaaaaaaaaa April 03, 2008
47 11