Pfft. Don't even talk to a woman or else she'll slap you in the balls with with a sexual harrassment charge.

Basically its your word against hers. And who is the judge gonna believe?
Eric: Hey, How ya doin?
Sally: Get away you pig
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 22, 2005
Illegal Flirting. Annoying somebody in such a way that reminds them that sex exist. Sexual Harassment cases are often used as a tool to harm politicians or to make millions for individuals (and their lawyers) through lawsuits.
Since everybody has flirted with somebody at some point in their life, this charge can be brought against just about anybody. This "crime" is often put on the same level as rape.
sexual harassment is what teachers do to their students in class when they force students to accept homosexuality like it's normal. Teaching this crap meets the definition of harassment because it is offensive and uncomfortable to even listen to. It's wrong.
It is "sexual harassment" to force our school children to accept homosexuality. This is none of the school fucking business to teach in that area
by Dr. Dave*** December 24, 2011
One of the many things a woman can use to control men.
Mary: Hey baby, Wanna go to my place after work and do it on the couch?
Joe: Yes!
Mary: Sexual harassment! He's trying to harass me! HELP!
Joe: WTF?!?!?
Police: Alright you perv your going to jail.

Tom: Hey foxy lady I want to sexually harass you up.
Susie: You disgusting perv! Hey thats sexual her ass ment!
Tom: hmmm....sexual her ass
by SamRoe April 10, 2008
When an unattractive man tries to flirt with a female co-worker, it's deemed sexual harassment. However, when it's an attractive man, it's innocent flirting.
Bob from Accounting - I complimented Linda on her promotion yesterday. Now she's threatening to sue the pants off me for sexual harassment.

Stan from Marketing - I told Linda she would look lovely in a pearl necklace. Then I gave her one in the file room last night after she sucked my pipes dry.

Bob - But isn't that sexual harassment?

Stan - For you yes, because you're fugly. For me no, it's being fun.

Bob - D'oh!
by Anonymonymony March 12, 2009
aka the cockblock law forced into law by fem-nazi's and ugly chicks looking for an equal opportunity workplace
i got put on probation at work for sexual harassment
by creamoftoast February 09, 2010
It's a charge when someone cannot stand up for themselves to they take you to court.
Day 1
Guy: Hey baby
Girl: Uhm... Hi
Guy: You have a cute smile but yeah I hope I'll see you later
Girl: *smiles nervously* Okay... Bye

Day 2
Guy: How's it goin?
Girl: I'm fine.
Guy: Lovin that body
Girl: haha ... thanks...

Day 6
by Jesus Christ's Skin is grey October 16, 2007

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