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when a lack of sex or sexual activities with the other gender leads to a overall bad mood and a dip in social skills. usually long periods of sleep are common
after she broke up with him, he suffered from severe sexual frustration
by J October 28, 2004
A build of of stress, due to lack of sex.
see also blue balls.
Im not sexually frustrated, im SEXUALLY PISSED THE FUCK OFF!
by nic P November 02, 2004
When you haven't gotten "any" in along time, which causes you to become extremly fustrated,irritable and often very horny.
"i haven't seen my boyfriend in a week im so full of sexual frustration, i can't even think straight."
by Billie Jo May 02, 2006
A severe frenzy caused by lack of sexual activity.
Symptoms include: genital discomfort, raging desire, violence, sexual obsession.
Fuck buddies are a good outlet.
Nate- Why is he fucking a girl he doesn't even like?
Mart- It's the sexual frustration, man.
by GetItRightt August 29, 2009
When someone teases you and you get aroused but you can't do anything about it.
When Grant Gustin tweets pictures of himself it makes me have sexual frustration.
by Gustin Fan November 20, 2011
The feeling of hopelessness when you watch the highly sexual film "Boogie Nights" while a beautiful girl sleeps next you with no intention of waking up and giving you some ass.
I wanted to get laid but the girl feel asleep and left me watching heather graham and julianne moore get naked. I walked home, feeling intense sexual frustration
by dylanjfkrmn November 16, 2010
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