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PN:word formed originally in the south of france by kimuchi pasta man, world leader and sex-god.
1)one who overpowers current definitions of the word 'sexy' and continues to dominate until the end of time.
2)a sex fiend and/or slave; not to be mistaken for a whore
3)not for niggas, below average level intellegence, or uggos
4)one defined by her astonishing beauty
5)a name used in the bedroom when weirdos get kinky
Lacy is a total sextress. She's going to overtake universes with that, and it just isn't fair.

I'll be your sextress for the night.

*raspy old man voice* "HMMHMmm C'mere little sextress!"
by Lacy Holt April 10, 2007
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