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reciprocation of a sexual favor that is equal to or greater in value than the service rendered to you

Part of speech- noun

closely related to the Golden Rule
Jon: So this girl only nut-tickled me when I totally deserved more after I fingerbanged the crap out of her to the point that my hand cramped up.

Drew: Whoa, poor sextiquette!!!

Jon: I know, right? I thought she might just want to skip and get to the deep penetration but that was a pipedream. I finally just rolled over and went to sleep.
by drew and jon February 13, 2009
n. the customary code of polite behavior regarding the exchange of nude photos of oneself in text messages
I sent her a picture of my dong, but she didn't even show me a single nipple! She has no sextiquette.
by Boris Roosevelt July 23, 2013
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