The act of poor judgment when using digital technology by sending an image, video or text message of an explicit (adult) or risque nature to another individual.
The class learned why Sexting is Stupid from the Institute for Responsible Online Cell-Phone Communication in school today.
by I.R.O.C.2 May 01, 2009
Sexting is not what all these other definitions say. Sexting is just simply when your cellphone is in your lap and its starts vibrating. It is definitely not people texting each other trying to get up with them later and having "sexual apparitions"
Devin:yo,i think i'm sexting again.
SusieQ:you think you are? i know you are
Devin:yeah you are right
by bridget&devinaresexybeast July 24, 2009
Sending a text message to your buddies while having sex with your girl.
I was hitting my girl doggy style and while she wasn't looking I started sexting.
by J Morow January 18, 2009
a term created by the media referring to sending sexually explicit text messages. the term is used by adults who are out of the loop, and not by the individuals actually sending the messages.
"In other news, teens in Hicktown, PA were caught 'sexting' in class, and were promptly reported to local authorities as well as their parents."
by khron diesel January 13, 2009
a word that the media made up after some Greensburg Salem school district's principals invaded the students privacy by taking their phone and then felt the need to go through the students messages and then reported it to the police.
i bet our principals feel like badasses now since they got their school on the news for "sexting", when teenagers don't even call it that.
by C523BB January 28, 2009
A stupid media term, that has the entire world going insane because the media is making it out to be the worst thing in the world, but honestly no one can do any harm to it.

It's where a guy(or girl) sends nude pictures of themself back and fourth, or once. Personally I think the worse that could happen is the person show someone, but that's really it. The media is making out to be something so horrible that all kids could face sexual assualt charges and shit like that. Literally only a few kids are caught, and it happens day to day to a thousand teens. Personally it's one of those things that "It's a different time, different setting, sex is more common, but adults hate it, think it's evil blah blah blah" it's just shit like that.

Girl: Hey sexy, I'm feelin a lil hot tonight.(;
Boy: Okay, send some pics and I'll send some.
Girl: You first.

News Lady: On April 5th, local boy and girl were sexting all night, the boy sent many pictures of his penis, and his entire body, while the girl sent many pictures of her vagina, and her body. Sexting could possibly get them a felony charge at 12 years old! Crazy ha?
by truthful_about_truch May 02, 2009
the act of sending sexy text messages
I'm just sexting my boyfriend while he is away, so he gets excited to come home.
by jules82 September 04, 2008

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