to have sex with a phone in your hand ,
Guy:Hey man, wanna do some sexting?
Girl: NO, i have phone-aphobia
by troyyy13 March 09, 2010
A non-physical form of pregame sex, which includes dirty talk between horny ass partners.
a friend says: Why u smilin hard brah?

you say: Dis chick was sexting me n she wants to suck my dick.
by Izzo aka Iz I April 18, 2008
married couple who likes to post romantic & sexual comment/video to their wall, to show the world how romantic they are, the most romantic husband/wife in the world...'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!'
Ryan reynolds posted in FB : Dear wife, i miss the smell of your underwear

Zeeda (Ryan's friend): Stop sexting. i wanna puke.
by YaYa Weh November 28, 2010
When your flirtting with a girl over text message.
Are you sexting right now?
by beerh January 15, 2009
texting in a sexy fashion. also flirting through text messages.
who are you sexting now?
by bill slowsky August 05, 2007
this is when two people are having phone sex on there phones using text messages
they were sitting across from one another at the bar not realizing that they were sexting with one can only guess what happened when they found out.
by nicecarguy October 13, 2007
Flirting via text message.
Remember the guy I met last weekend who I gave my number to? Well we've been sexting ever since!
by Grace Fitz May 17, 2007

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