sexual messaging

sam: i want to fuck you so hard right now.
jane: i want you to cum on my face.
sam: I'm wanking over you baby.
jane: I'm gonna finger myself right now.
sam: wish i was there, your making me so horny babe.
jane: i want sex. i need sex.
sam: is anyone home at yours.
jane: no.
sam: I'm coming over.

jane: we are gonna fuck so hard. I'm gonna orgasm so loud.
sam: and then I'm gonna sit and watch you finger yourself while i wank.
jane: first we will get completely naked and fuck for hours and hours.
by ice-creamandhorrormovies March 21, 2015
Sex - Texting
The act of sending another party photos of animals over text message. The other party then has to guess the sex of the animal.
Boy: Hey, you wanna sext?
Girl: Yes
Boy: * sends picture of a zebra*
girl: This is a hard one, maybe i don't want to sext.
Boy: that's okay, sexting isn't for everyone
by pastaprincess June 16, 2014
Using a cellular device to send pornographic photos or videos of oneself to another. After recieving a sext message you are then supposed to forward it to every person you know, telling each one of them to do the same, until the entire world has seen it, and everyone thinks your friend is a slut. Can sometimes result in a law suit.
"While my mom was sexting my dad, she accidently forwarded the message to me, forcing me, according to the sexting law, to send the message to all my friends." That night, all my friends died.
by 2+2=unicorn January 07, 2010
Sexting is the art of sending sexual texts to others, and them sending back. You would text about the sexual things you would want to do with them. It is an art that many people enjoy because it arouses them. Normally you would only do it with someone you are very comfortable with and/or with someone that you like, but you can do it with strangers if you really wanted to. Sometimes pictures are included if both are very aroused or if both people are very comfortable with each other.
Adrienne: man Zack I love sexting you
Zack: same, it is so sexy and it gets me very aroused
by Nathan00 September 06, 2015
A very crude way to get your partner or yourself sexually aroused, typically done through explicit text or suggestive photos, at times even nude. Whereas sallying is the same, but better!!!
Lola: omg you'll never guess what happened!! I was sexting with John last night and he sent me a picture of his dick!
Julia: Ew, sexting can be so gross. You should find a good guy who can sally you! it's the same, but even better!
by W&R September 10, 2011
The act of sending a sext - a sexy text. Sexting occurs when you have sex over text messaging.
Me and my boyfriend were sexting last night for 3 hours! It was so hot! He was in New York and I was in LA, It was awesome!
by Bluelovergirl December 15, 2008
A term used when two people engage in text flirting. It involves two people using text messaging to send erotic detailed wording that describes what they to do to the significant other. It also includes the people sending explicit photos to one another.
Boy 1 : me and ____ were sexting last night.

Boy 2 : really? What did she send you?

Boy 1 : Very hot pictures mate
by SRB98 June 10, 2015
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