Sex - Texting
The act of sending another party photos of animals over text message. The other party then has to guess the sex of the animal.
Boy: Hey, you wanna sext?
Girl: Yes
Boy: * sends picture of a zebra*
girl: This is a hard one, maybe i don't want to sext.
Boy: that's okay, sexting isn't for everyone
by pastaprincess June 16, 2014
Having phone sex via texting.
We like sexting, but we never meet in person.
by Kophoto April 10, 2014
A text message that involves sexual activity, also known as phone sex. Can also be a video of nudity emailed or texted. If it is child nudity, it can be illegal
Maddy: I'm so horny, i was sexting with Ryan last night
Tiffany: that sounds sexy *Drools*
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
Using a cellular device to send pornographic photos or videos of oneself to another. After recieving a sext message you are then supposed to forward it to every person you know, telling each one of them to do the same, until the entire world has seen it, and everyone thinks your friend is a slut. Can sometimes result in a law suit.
"While my mom was sexting my dad, she accidently forwarded the message to me, forcing me, according to the sexting law, to send the message to all my friends." That night, all my friends died.
by 2+2=unicorn January 07, 2010
textin someone and talkin about sex and other kinky things.
She was sexting me all night, talking 'bout she want this dick.
by yoooooMo! May 29, 2011
An extremely gay term for the act of sending a sexual text message, most commonly used by people trying to sound hip, or in some cases used in contempt by those explaining how stupid the word sounds.
50 year old morning show dj: Hey did you hear about Tiger Woods.

48 year old morning show sidekick: Oh you mean about his latest sexting escapade with a porn star. huh huh huh huh.
by erock33 March 26, 2010
the act of sending sexual messages through phone texting
"What did you do last night?"
"I spent the evening sexting with a guy I met at the club."
by Ms. Katty October 13, 2008

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