Sexual texting; dirty texts implying sexual type-things
Jane couldn't go over to Dick's house last night, so they were sexting until the wee hours of the morning.
by you'regonnaLOVEmynuts July 30, 2009
the safest sex around!!!
austin: Yo beckie send me pics i love sexting you

Beckie: of what
Austin: Full body naked and finger your self
Beckie:okay here (sends pic) Now ur turn i wannah see baby austin
Austin:wow your hot(send pic) suck my dick soon but i g2g ttyl
by beccabitch13 June 29, 2010
The word "texting" came into being when people began sending brief text messages to each other over mobile phones. The variation "sexting" began when young boys and girls started flirting by sending "sexy text messages" back and forth to each other.

For example:
David and I have been sexting each other all week! I'm so horny I can't wait to see him on Saturday night.
by Jiriku Balaco July 14, 2011
to send nude pictures of oneself to another person
the boy took out his phone and began sexting a girl
by Kriddlejoje May 15, 2009
A text message that involves sexual activity, also known as phone sex. Can also be a video of nudity emailed or texted. If it is child nudity, it can be illegal
Maddy: I'm so horny, i was sexting with Ryan last night
Tiffany: that sounds sexy *Drools*
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
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