When someone sends someone else a naked/nude pictures.
Gary:Yeah me and Stacy were sexting last night.
Bob: Sweet.
by ScreamingSceneKings February 10, 2009
when someone is horney and express their feelings for someone over texting cuz they are too fucking lazy to get up, go to their bf/gf's house and fuck them. its that simple.
"ohhhh skyler! ohhhhohhhhohhhh! please oh! don't stop! harder! harder! ohhhh faster!<----some of the words/terms used in sexting.
by rissa230 March 08, 2010
Where teens send pictures of themselfs naked on their phones and everyone finds out.
"Dude, did you hear Mary is SEXTING now..."
by juju123 March 11, 2009
When two people are texting and start sending dirty pictures or texts to eachother.
Boy: Send me a picture of your boobs!

Girl: okay, hold on (girl sends picture)

Boy: thats fucking sexy. I wanna lick you up and down.

Girl: that sounds good. I love sexting!
by blizzardd March 13, 2009
when texting gets really hot, and it gets really hard and annoying cause it's so 140 characters...
Sexting just doesn't cut it; I get all hot, then I got to put my phone on vibrate...
by sista-c January 22, 2010
So... about this new thing called 'sexting' which is retarded

It basically goes like this:
Girl sends guy a naughty picture.
Guy receives the message.
Guy replies: "Damn Mami you don't know the things i'd do to you..."
"I'll rub yo back like this... touch you here... touch you there... bla bla bla."

But the main goal here to get the girl turned on.

Okay... the chick gets turned on. What is she supposed to do? Put her phone on vibrate?
Thanks to sexting, people have found new uses to their phones vibrate functions.

Stop sexting, please! keep it traditional and do the real thing.
by confuzzled? August 20, 2009
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