A person who as sexual intercourse with an animal or objects, such as baloons.
A person who perfers sex with a doll rather than a person.
"A man was having sex with a stuffed animal"
"Man, He's a sextant"
by John Joseph February 06, 2007
Top Definition
an astronomical object used to check the longitude at sea by measuring the altitudes of sun,moon,and stars.
In outings of astronomy class, that queer teacher took students on the ship and made them calculate distance between sea and sky by using sextant.
by purinsy August 28, 2008
a person who has sex with animals or objects, such as a dog or a stuffed animal.

a person who prefers sex with dolls or masturbating rather than sex with another person.
"hey, did you see that guy having sex with a cow?"
yeah dude, that was sick. he's a sextant."
by John Joseph February 07, 2007
A person who engages in the act of sexting
Bro 1: dude i was totally sexting Ashley last night
Bro 2: you are just a little sextant arent you? always sexting somebody

Bro 1: true true
Bro 2: it happens
Bro 1: yep, you'll have that
by Classy_Bambi April 11, 2010

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