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taking extacy with viagra (not the greatest idea ever either)
Man, I took some sextacy last night and it was some crazy shit!
by Rita August 05, 2004
The combined mixture of ecstasy and Viagra. Ecstasy makes you feel extremely good and Viagra makes you get an erection for 4-6 hours. this drug is made by crushing ecstasy and Viagra and mixing them.
Damn...dat sextacy shit made me fuck for 4 hours last night.
by CEO of Tru Hustla Customs September 26, 2007
the amazing sex you have whilst rolling on e
yo last night i was rolled some e and had the best sextacy of my life
by p00pi3 January 25, 2009
The buzz you get after engaging in sexual activities.
Julie: Omfg I made out with Jake on friday and It gave me such sextacy!
by AppleBlossoms December 05, 2010
a sexual high after a sexual activity
I was in a state of sextacy after last night
by sexington January 20, 2008
Sex under the influence of Ecstasy
(not a terribly bright Idea)
Guy 1: Last nite, at the party I had Sextacy with Michelle
Guy 2: No way, man~!!!
by ghyslain is a faggot August 27, 2003

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