The sexiest and most amazing person in the world. Also has a great personality and is awkward. Someone who is said "sextacular" is not a good dancer, made up their own "dougie" and can make almost any girl swoon with his amazing voice.

Spelling: Z-A-C-H P-O-R-T-E-R often mistakenly spelt like

C-A-ME-R-O-N Q-U-I-S-E-N-G but that is BIG misspelling error.
Girl 1: "Hey do you know how to spell sextacular?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, that's easy Z-A-C-H P-O-R-T-E-R!"
Girl 3: "Oh i thought it was C-A-M-"
Girl 2: "HELL TO THE NO."
Girl 3: "Oh...Okay."
Girl 1: "Thanks for clarifying!"
by porterdisorder123 September 12, 2011
Top Definition
(adj): Spectacularly filled with sex.
"hey stacey, how was your christmas break?"
"well kristen, i would have to say sextacular!"


"I had a sextacular night last night"


"My bed smells sextacular"
by K. Bizzle December 02, 2004
something or someone that is as equally sexy as it is spectacular.
"Hey man, that chick is sextacular in that dress!"
by schrempel April 20, 2005
So incredibly SEXY that it's on the scale of SPECTACULAR.
That tattoo is looking absolutely sextacular on you! You must tell me who your artist is!
by Tishak the Spishak June 06, 2009
Sex that has gone beyond the means of good, but as extended into the realm of great.
My night with her was sextacular!

I have never had a sextacular night before?

by Gargamale October 29, 2008
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