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a greeting for a person of whom one doesn't know their real name
1. Hey sexshit, my big, black, juicy, dripping cock is a million billion thousand juicy inches wide.
2. Hey Booby McSexshit, with great power comes great responsibility
3. MhmMhm...dangggg!
by Jimmy Goatcock February 29, 2004
When you have a shit, wipe, and there is nothing on the toilet paper. This represent ideal rectal conditions to receive anal sex in the most sanitary fashion.
Yes I had a sex shit now I can get pounded real good without making a mess
by James Bo July 19, 2008
During anal sex, when the person pulls out of the ass and immediately the person receiving the cock has a shit all over the place. This usually is the end result of a serious pounding...where you literally fuck the shit out of him.
Man, i was fucking Nick and when I pulled out he totally has a sex shit all over my sheets
by James Bo July 19, 2008