The process by which a female, when, upon suppressing the urge to have sex with a particular male who isn't really into her, finally explodes in a burst of sexual tension. Often results in verbal responses such as: "I'm alone, wanna come over?" or "Want to get an apartment together?". The female often acts agitated, and may attempt to cause the male to drink excessively, and force herself upon him.
Margaret tried to force herself on me last night. I thought she knew I wasn't into her. I guess she just sexploded.
by foxxymama69 February 16, 2012
Top Definition
The excess of sexual intercourse causing a person to explode in a super-fiery orgasm rivaling the theoretical Big Bang in power.
He just sexploded one day after a moan of pleasure. Of course, he did have sex 999,999,999,999.99 times.
by d;flakjf December 16, 2005
To orgasm with extreme force.
"Get off my pants Shadow, I'm going to Sexplode!"
by Sheikah May 28, 2005
1. To ejaculate with extreme force.
"Dude, I totally just sexploded all over your girlfriend's face."
by LukeLukeLuke October 13, 2005
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