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The experience of sex.
I have 10 years of sexperience.
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 15, 2008
Experience or know-how relating to intercourse or other sexual acts. It has to be real-world experience; you can't get it from watching porno or reading erotica.
Jasmine dumped me cuz i had no sexperience

Some girls think older guys are sexperienced.
by Oscar_the_Muse January 01, 2004
experience in sex
"Wow, you suck in bed, YOU HAVE NO SEXPERIENCE!"
by Krazii-Kathy August 21, 2008
Encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence) that is sexually attractive or exciting
It was a sexperience she would not soon forget.
by erinsexy August 12, 2014
the level of sexual experience you've had.
Him: Hey Nenners, what's your sexperience?
Her: Oh, I've sucked big fat Robby's lollipop time to time. Hope that'll make me popular.
by FujLolli94 May 29, 2011
A group of friends sharing past sexual experiences.
Sounds like you've had some baaad sexperience's!
by jababa123 June 10, 2010